Goodnight Fossil Fuels!: A Climate Story (climate change picture book available now)

A must read for kids.

5-star review from a teacher
Cover image of "Goodnight Fossil Fuels!: A Climate Story" (copyright David Schneider and Kira Davis)

“Goodnight Fossil Fuels! A Climate Story” is here!

Follow penguins as they take the lead in solving the climate crisis. They need to save their melting home. After all, it is made of ice. They put fossil fuels to bed under cookie sheets, bed sheets and even a really big ice sheet! But that’s not enough; they need YOUR help!

Author’s note: I could not find an engaging and accurate climate story to read with my young nephews, so I wrote my own story and researched the book-publishing process. For the artwork, I collaborated with illustrator Kira Davis. Together, we created this marvelous book for you! Enjoy and share it widely!

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Fun, passionate, uplifting…Entertaining and informative at the same time…It is a regular bedtime story for us now.

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Japan: Kinokuniya

New Zealand: Fishpond

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Order “Goodnight Fossil Fuels!,” a picture book for the climate crisis, from Barnes & Noble

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A climate story for kids ages 5 and up with captivating illustrations of penguin heroes.

Follow penguins as they take the lead in solving the climate crisis. They need to save their melting home. After all, it is made of ice. They put fossil fuels to bed under cookie sheets, bed sheets, and even a really big ice sheet! But the fossil fuels are rowdy and won’t stay in bed, causing all kinds of weather chaos. Consulting with scientists, the penguins hatch a plan to prevent fossil carbon from wreaking further havoc on Earth’s climate, people, and ecosystems. What is the plan? How can you help?

Written in memorable rhymes, this epic story of climate change has been carefully researched by a doctor of climate science, and professionally illustrated with 25 unique watercolors. Beautiful, hopeful, and a little bit silly, this book will inform and entertain children of all ages.

Arriving at a pivotal moment for defining the future, this book is designed to educate, spark discussion and inspire action. With an engaging story and a well-researched Epilogue, this book guides families who are looking to make a difference in our collective climate future. 

Wake up to the climate crisis and join the fight to wish fossil fuels goodnight!

Hail to the penguins and the scientists too. They know that fossil fuels are bad for me and you. Read this book and have happy dreams, of a world without fossil fuels, and a climate that gleams!

Dr. Jonathan Overpeck, Climate scientist and Dean of the School for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Michigan

What can you do next to advance climate action? How about giving copies of “Goodnight Fossil Fuels!” to your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and your local Little Free Library!

Illustration from "Goodnight fossil fuels: A Climate Story" (copyright 2022 David Schneider and Kira Davis)
What is this penguin trying to say to the scientist? It’s really important; you’d better read “Goodnight Fossil Fuels!” to find out!
See the climate book? Purchasing a copy of “Goodnight Fossil Fuels: A Climate Story” for your Little Free Library is a great way to advance climate education in your community!

My 5-year-old son doesn’t like books about “real things,” but he was captivated by the illustrations and the penguins and asked to read it three times in a row. It stressed me out to read about the [state of the] planet to my 5 year old, to whom I had not yet explained climate change. However, he seemed to take it at face value. I really appreciate the hopeful ending. 

Dr. Kimberley Mortstock, renewable energy engineer, climate expert, and mother.